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Big sales of Dance Mania / Dance Freaks spare parts!
03 Dec, 2005

Closeout stock offer of Dance Mania, Dance Freaks spare parts, include hand sensors, lighting assembly set, monitors, amplifiers, speakers ......

[ more information ]

Brand new dance and drum machines available!
06 Oct, 2005

Percussion Kids - English version, special designed for children.
Percussion Master - English version, newly designed drum machine.
EZ2 Dancer Super China - Brand new dance machine which is using PC system with hard disk, added with some familiar Chinese songs.

Machines are ready to go now, please contact: for your order.

[ more information ]

Pump It Up Arrows at very low price!
27 Sep, 2005

Do you would like to refurbish your Pump It Up machine?

Pump It Up Arrow (Red / Blue) $8.95 USD
Pump It Up Arrow (Yellow) $7.95 USD

[ more information ]

Inverter PCB for DDR Platform Available now!
08 Sep, 2005

Inverter PCB used to control neon lights inside the DDR platform is available now. Unit price is only $12.95usd/pc.

[ more information ]

Konami newest Drummania V2 & Guitar Freaks V2 will be launched at November, 2005
07 Sep, 2005

KONAMI new percussion game - Drummania V2 & Guitar Freaks V2, will be released at November 2005, both FULL MACHINES and UPGRADE KIT are available for pre-order now.

[ more information ]

DDR 8th Recondition Upgrade Package!!
29 Aug, 2005

Time to upgrade your low version's DDR? Refurbish your old DDR into new machine?

Here is "DDR 3rd and above to DDR 8th upgrade kit & recondition package" - only $565.00USD/set, brand new for immediate shipment.

[ more information ]

Brand New Drum Packs Special Offer!
11 Aug, 2005

Would like to change brand new Drum pads? Today, only $159usd, you get:

2 x Rubber Cymbal unit
3 x Rubber Drum unit

Save more than 20% - first come first serve!!

[ more information ]

High Quality Connecting Tube with Metal boxes in Stock Now!
09 Aug, 2005

Connecting Tube With Metal Boxes are in stock now, the price is only $19.95 USD/set.

For 10 pieces or above order, the price will be: $18.00 USD/set - Price is available before 31th Aug, 2005.

[ more information ]

In The Groove 2 Kit Available Now!
21 Jul, 2005

Very popular dancing game - In The Groove 2, come with 65 new songs for a total of over 130 songs from new artists and familiar names, sure is one of very best choice for your dancing game collection.

In The Groove 2 upgrade Kit - new and original full kit, upgrade version 1 into version 2.
In The Groove 2 Conversion Kit - new and original full kit, upgrade your dancing machine into "In The Groove 2".

[ more information ]

Reconditioned Dancing Stage Fusion Machine Available Now!
14 Jul, 2005

We would like to offer reconditioned - "Dancing Stage Fusion" full machines, $12,995usd per set, all machines are used but in very good condition, limited quantity, first come first serve!

[ more information ]

Looking to Sell In The Groove Upgrade Kit
04 Jul, 2005

We have a customer who have some "In The Groove" upgrade kits would like to sell. Do you feel interested?

[ more information ]

Percussion Freaks 9th Mix full machines - closeout stock in very low prices!
16 May, 2005

$5,995.00USD - 1 x Percussion Freaks 9th full machine
$10,995.00USD - 2 x Percussion Freaks 9th full machines

Original stock machines for immediate shipment.

[ more information ]

DDR 8th Extreme Upgrade Kit - Special Offer!
09 May, 2005

Full set DDR Extreme upgrade kit at very special prices:

$195.00 ---- DDR 3rd Mix and above to DDR 8th Mix upgrade kit only
$235.00 ---- DDR 3rd Mix and above to DDR 8th Mix upgrade kit with header
$395.00 ---- DDR 3rd Mix and above to DDR 8th Mix upgrade kit with header, plexiglass, front paper advertising and sticker set.

[ more information ]

Close out DDR Solo cabinets!
22 Apr, 2005

We currently have several DDR Solo cabinets in stock, and would like to close out all of them at a lower total price.

DDR Solo 2000 cabinet only
Solo Bass Mix cabinet only
DDR Solo deluxe platform upgrade kit

[ more information ]

Drum Mania 10th & Guitar Freaks 11th (Japan Link Version) full set kit - Very special offer!
19 Apr, 2005

$3195 USD - Drum 10th Mix PCB + Guitar Freaks 11th Mix PCB + Multi Session set complete set PCB kit for immediate shipment.

[ more information ]

Percussion Freaks 10th Mix PCB / Drumnia 10th Mix PCB - very special offers!
11 May, 2005

$1795usd - Drum Mania 10th Mix Full PCB (PCB + Multi Session Unit)
$1895usd - Percussion Freaks 10th Mix Full PCB (PCB + Multi Session Unit)
$1245usd - Percussion Freaks 9th Mix Full PCB Only
$5,450usd - Pump it Up EXCEED 2 machine (brand new full set machine)

Original and complete set board / machine for immediate shipment.

[ more information ]

Pump It Up Foot Panel Arrows in stock now!
16 Mar, 2005

To refurbish your Pump It Up machine? Please contact us today. We have brand new foot arrows and other spare parts to recondition your wonderful dancing machine.

[ more information ]

Dancing Stage Fusion will be available in March, 2005
16 Feb, 2005

Dancing Stage Fusion is the 2005 updated version of the Dancing Stage series. Its size is the same as DDR series and coming with all brand new songs.

[ more information ]

Chinese Lunar New Year
07 Feb, 2005

Please be noted, we will be closed for the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday from 9th - 14th Feb, 2005.

[ more information ]

New Year Special offer for DDR Foot Panel Arrow!
31 Dec, 2004

We would like to offer high quality and brand new DDR platform arrow, only $9.95USD/piece. Color in blue and pink available.

[ more information ]

Introduction of latest popular dancing game - In The Groove
22 Dec, 2004

In The Groove Upgrade Kit is an dancing full kit which can upgrade all versions of dual players Dance Dance Revolution machines into In The Groove version. It contains 60 brand new songs from proven talent and new independent artists, covering a wide variety of genres.

[ more information ]

Now Rock Fever machines launched!
16 Dec, 2004

IGS music machines - Rock Fever series are launched now. The full - loaded renovated fashion songs with most popular Asian signers are coming with them.

[ more information ]

Drum Mania / Percussion Freaks Parts are available for offer now!
16 Dec, 2004

Many Drum parts are available now:

Blue Sensor PCB
Cover Pad
Cymbal Mount
Drum Disc Pad
Rubber Drum unit

[ more information ]

Close out stock of Para Para Paradise!
06 Dec, 2004

We have 2 units Para Para Paradise machines in stock on sale now:

Para Para Paradise 1.5th version
Para Para Paradise 2nd version

[ more information ]

Wanted at Dec. 2004!
06 Dec, 2004

DDR 3rd Mix Kor. Ver
DDR 4th Mix Jap Ver.
Beatmania II DX 10th Style
Beatmania II DX 11th Style (RED)
Guitar Freaks 9th Edition

[ more information ]

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