21 September 2020

Guitar Machines - Guitar Freaks Series
Product Name Price Qty Category Manufacturers Year Location Availability
Guitar Freaks Kor Ver $1490.00 USD Guitar Machines Konami 1999 Korea  
Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix Kor Ver $2290.00 USD Guitar Machines Konami 2000 Korea 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Freaks Japan Ver $1595.00 USD Guitar Machines Konami 1999 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Freaks 7th Mix $6995.00 USD 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Konami 2002 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Freaks 6th Mix Jap Ver $5295.00 USD 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Konami 2001 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Freaks 2nd Mix Jap Ver $1995.00 USD 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Konami 1999 Japan 3-7 Days 
Guitar Freaks 5th Mix Jap Ver $4895.00 USD 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Konami 2001 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix Jap Ver $2350.00 USD Guitar Machines Konami 2000 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Freaks 4th Mix Jap Ver $4305.00 USD 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Konami 2000 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Freaks 11th Mix Jap Ver $4450.00 USD 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Konami 2004 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Freaks V Please Ask 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Konami 2005 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Freaks XG2 Please Ask Guitar Machines Konami 2011 Japan  
Guitar Freaks XG Please Ask Guitar Machines Konami 2010 Japan 7-14 days 
Guitar Freaks V5 Rock to Infinity Please Ask Guitar Machines Konami 2008 Japan 2-4 Weeks 
Guitar Freak V6 Blazing Please Ask Guitar Machines Konami 2009 Japan 2-4 Weeks 
Guitar Freaks V7 Please Ask Guitar Machines Konami 2010 Japan 2-4 Weeks 
Guitar Freaks V8 Please Ask Guitar Machines Konami 2011 Japan 2-4 Weeks 
Guitar Freaks V2 Please Ask Guitar Machines Konami 2005 Asia 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Freaks 9th Jap Ver $3495.00 USD 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Konami 2003   
Guitar Freaks 10th Mix Jap Ver $7190.00 USD Guitar Machines Konami 2003   
Guitar Freaks 8th Jap Ver Please Ask 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Konami 2002   
Guitar Freaks V3 Please Ask 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Konami    
Shamisen Brothers $1995.00 USD Guitar Machines   Japan 4-6 weeks 
Guitar Hero Music Machine $7254.78 USD Guitar Machines  2012 China 2-4 Weeks 
Quest for Fame with Aerosmith Please Ask 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines     
Guitar Jam Please Ask 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Namco 1999   
Um Jammer Lammy Please Ask 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines Namco 1999   
Guitar Hero Arcade $6995.00 USD 
Please Ask
Guitar Machines  2009  Please Ask 

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