24 January 2022

Other Machines - Keyboard Mania Series
Product Name Price Qty Category Manufacturers Year Location Availability
Keyboard Mania Jap Ver $1515.00 USD 
Please Ask
Other Machines Konami 2000 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Keyboard Mania Jap Ver $1465.00 USD 
Please Ask
Other Machines Konami 2000 Korea 4-6 weeks 
Keyboard Mania 2nd Mix Jap Ver $1795.00 USD Other Machines Konami 2000 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Keyboard Mania 3rd Mix Jap Ver $1995.00 USD 
Please Ask
Other Machines Konami  Japan 4-6 weeks 
Keyboard Heaven $1290.00 USD Other Machines Konami  Korea 4-6 weeks 
Martial Beat Please Ask 
Please Ask
Other Machines Konami 2002   
Shakatto Tambourine $2095.00 USD Other Machines Sega 2000 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Dream Audition Please Ask 
Please Ask
Other Machines Jaleco 2000   
Flash Beats Please Ask 
Please Ask
Other Machines Sega    
Fighting Club Please Ask 
Please Ask
Other Machines IGS 2001 Taiwan 4-6 weeks 
Musica Please Ask Other Machines KOAM 2000 Korea 4-6 weeks 
Music Matching Redemption machine for Kids $995.00 USD Other Machines   China 4-6 weeks 
Rhythmic World buttons beat redemption machine $2494.88 USD Other Machines   China 4-6 weeks 
Samba De Amigo Jap Ver $2050.00 USD 
Please Ask
Other Machines Sega 1999 Japan 4-6 weeks 
Samba De Amigo 2000 Jap Ver $1995.00 USD Other Machines Sega 2000 Japan 4-6 weeks 

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