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  Jungle Drummer Drum machine For Kids
 Jungle Drummer Drum machine For Kids 
Price: $4502.12 USD
Quantity: 1
Available: 4-6 weeks
Condition: New

   About Jungle Drummer Drum machine For Kids     

Jungle Drummer is a colorful and attractive drum game machine for kids design, with yellow drum in the middle, with purple drum at the left side and red drum at the right side, featuring with 24 songs, including Wing, Pop, Nursery Rhymes: Hank and Nursery Rhymes: Baby music.Its game play is suitable for every player.

There are two mode in this game: "Under 6 years" and "7 years and up";

Under 6 years: This mode is easy and interesting which is suitable for kids under age of 6.

7 years and up: This mode is fun with a variety of excitements which is suitable for those above age of 7.

When fruits come into the light beam, beat the drum of the same color.

Banana! Beat the yellow drum. An apple! Beat the red drum. Grape! Beat the purple drum. A bunch of bananas. Keep on beating the yellow drum.

   Product Details     

  • beat drum simulator machine
  • one player
  • with three color drum: beat yellow drum, purple drum and red drum
  • characters: Baby, Tank, Asa, Rex
  • Songs:
  • Pop: Wing
  • 01. Grandfather's Clock
  • 02. Jingle Bells
  • 03. Merry Christmas
  • 04. Forest Party
  • 05. Summer
  • 06. Mickey
  • Classical: Momo
  • 01. Canon Remix
  • 02. William Tell
  • 03. Swan Lake
  • 04. Can Can
  • 05. Turkey March
  • Nursery Rhymes 1: Hank
  • 01. A Small World
  • 02. Little Star
  • 03. Nabadabada
  • 04. Little Ducky
  • 05. London Bridge
  • 06. Ten Little Indians
  • Nursery Rhymes 2: Baby
  • 01. Island of Capri
  • 02. Toy Soldier
  • 03. Little Angel
  • 04. Happy Birthday
  • 05. Row Your Boat
  • 06. The Alphabet Song
  • 06. Marches Militaires

   Other Details     

Product ID: DRDR510 - 000630
Item Type: Drum Miscellaneous
Manufacturer: IGS
Year Released: 2011
Country: China
Available: 4-6 weeks
Condition: New
Dimensions: W1187.5 x D1097 x H2285.5mm

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