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Pump it Up Phoenix 2023 Game Software Kits for Pump it Up Dance Machine
18 May, 2023

The latest version Pump it Up dance machine game software will be released under Pump it Up Phoenix.

[ more information ]

Andamiro Pump it Up XX 20th Anniversary Software Kits now shipping!!
09 Jan, 2019

To celebrate 20 years of keeping people moving, Pump It Up XX 20th Anniversary is released by Andamiro now, it is an upgrade version from Pump It Up series;

* ONLY $2,290usd for Pump It Up XX 20th Anniversary Full Set Upgrade Kit.

* ONLY $2,895usd for Pump It Up XX 20th Anniversary Upgrade software kit

* with over 500 songs and new songs added!!

* New reward titles to keep players coming back for more

* Players can purchase AM.PASS Cards to login to their account; Each kit includes AM players card;

* stock for shipment immediately

[ more information ]

Special offer for September, Year 2014!
04 Sep, 2014

We would like to offer a series of the greatest Music video game machines, produced the various sound effects, its great graphics display effects and cool features for different game play, such as Music Drum Machine, Rhythm Dance Game Machine, Beat/DJ Video game machine, Guitar Arcade machine, etc......

[ more information ]

DJ Max Technika - Clearance Offer!
23 Jun, 2014

* DJ Max Technika for Only $1895usd per set sell!

* a very unique and extremely popular music rhythm game

* stock for immediately shipment

* features with more than 160 songs

[ more information ]

Pump It Up FIESTA EX 2013 machine In HOT Sale!!
16 May, 2013

- Lowest price ONLY $3,650.00usd

- the international 13th dance floor machine from Andamiro

- 29 inch monitor two player dancing machine

- English version

- good working and reconditioned machine

[ more information ]

DJ Max Technika version 3 - new game!!
30 Jan, 2013

* crew Challenge Mode

* many new songs added

* brand new software kit to upgrade any DJ Max Technika series

* stock for immediate shipment

[ more information ]

Pump It Up Fiesta 2 2013 full kit and upgrade software available
09 Nov, 2012

* preorder start

* Pump It Up Fiesta 2 2013 Upgrade Kit

* Pump It Up Fiesta 2 2013 Upgrade software kit

* Upgrade from any PIU version

* 450 songs

* 3000 step charts

[ more information ]

Guitar Hero Music machine - brand new machine offer!
04 Sep, 2012

* ex work Asia

* more than 100 rock music and English songs

* orginial Guirtar hero game

* upgrade with performer metal stage and lightings

[ more information ]

Dancing Game - full set machine offer!
04 Sep, 2012

* various music machines from China

* fully brand new machine

* in latest lower price offer

* English version

[ more information ]

EZ 2 DJ Azure Expression Upgrade Kit is available!!!
28 Feb, 2012

* Complete Upgrade Kit: (hard driver with cover box, hard lock, top sticker and printing poster)

* HDD Upgrade kit: (hard driver, hard lock, top sticker and printing poster)

Welcome to pre-order immediately before the first released early March 2012.

[ more information ]

EZ 2DJ 7th Trax clearance offer!
07 Feb, 2012

$1350usd…… EZ2DJ 7th Trax Resistance (Version 2.01) machine

*** limited 6 quantities offer

*** Reconditioned like new

[ more information ]

Konami Jubeat Ripples in stock offer!
18 Jan, 2012

* the second version of Jubeat series arcade music video game

* brand new original machine

* in Japanese version

* stock for immediate shipment

[ more information ]

Dance Dance Revolution X3 VS DDR 2nd Mix is coming!
30 Sep, 2011

Konami newest release dance machine Dance Dance Revolution X3 VS DDR 2nd Mix will be available in the end of November 2011, Pre-order it today – to own this latest version, please contact: sales@channelbeat.com for your order.

[ more information ]

In The Groove 2 conversion kit available!
25 Jun, 2011

* closeout offer on ITG 2 kit
* kit include conversion board, decals, marquee
* convert DDR onto ITG 2 two player dancing machine
* USD1,750 per kit - limited quantity

[ more information ]

EZ 2 Dancer 2ND version closeout offer!
26 May, 2011

* two player dancing machine which play by hand and foot together
* available for 20ft container stock offer
* reconditioned model
* Only USD2,750.00 per set

[ more information ]

Konami Drum Mania and Guitar Freaks upgrade pcb offer
11 May, 2011

USD3,105……Drum Mania V7
USD1,265……Drum Mania 9th version
USD2,825……Guitar Freaks V7
USD1,825……Guitar Freaks V3
USD2,425……Guitar Freaks V6
All full kit includes PCB, dongle and its header.

[ more information ]

Pump it up Fiesta EX in clearance sale!
14 Apr, 2011

USD1,499.00 ..... Pump It Up - FIESTA EX (software upgrade kit)
USD2,099.00 ..... Pump It Up - FIESTA EX (full set PCB upgrade kit)

USD3,299.00 ..... Pump It Up - FIESTA EX (SD, 29 inch monitor)
USD3,499.00 ..... Pump It Up - FIESTA EX (DX, 51 inch projector)

[ more information ]

Pump It Up PCB closeout offer
25 Nov, 2010

$350usd ....... Pump It Up Extra pcb
$950usd ....... Pump It Up Zero pcb
$1,050usd .... Pump It Up Nx 1 pcb
$1,150usd .... Pump It Up Nx 2 pcb

[ more information ]

dance and music machines closeout stock offer
14 Aug, 2010

Drum Mania V5 ---- US$5,635.00 /pc.
Guitar Freak V5 ---- US$4,345.00 /pc.
Pump It Up NX 2 ---- US$4,095.00 /pc.
... and more ...

[ more information ]

JUBEAT brand new machine in hot sale
20 May, 2010

Jubeat developed by Konami -new style DJ machine, come with colorful and shinning outlook, arrangement of 16 buttons in a 4 x 4 grid for the playing control panel.

[ more information ]

Konami Music Boards - special offer
22 Feb, 2010

$3,495usd .... Dance Dance Revolution X (include PCB and its header)
$2,095usd .... Drum Mania V4 (include PCB and its header)
$2,095usd .... Guitar Freak V4 (include PCB and its header)

[ more information ]

DJ Max Technika - No. 1 DJ arcade game in Korea
19 Oct, 2009

DJ Max Technika is the hottst arcade beatmania type music machine in Korea, it lets you tap into an emotional sound experience with music by Korean artists.

[ more information ]

Pump It Up NX Absolute Special Offer
30 Mar, 2009

Brand New Pump It Up NX Absolute with 42" Plasma Monitor is just $7500USD only. Stock is limited. Come and order your machine today.

[ more information ]

DDR Stock Machines Closeout Offer
13 Mar, 2009

DDR Extreme ........... US$4,995@
DDR Supernova ......... US$5,500@
* Limited stock
* Reconditioned like new
* Stock for immediate shipment

[ more information ]

Guitar Hero Arcade is coming!!!
28 Feb, 2009

The popular home console title - "Guitar Hero" is coming to arcade market. Guitar Hero Arcade is developed by Raw Thrills, Konami & Activision. It is based upon "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock" but has still taken influences from just-released World Tour.

[ more information ]

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