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Konami newest upgrade kits for Drum Mania and Guitar Freaks will launch in January 2005
08 Nov, 2004

It is a full complete hardware called Drummania V & Guitar Freaks V, which can upgrade any Drum Mania machines to the newest version, also can upgrade all Guitar Freaks machines 4th or above version into the newest.

[ more information ]

Looking to sell
30 Oct, 2004

We have one customer in USA want to sell out his machines stock:
Jaleco - Rock'n 3 Mega Session
Konami - Beatmania Complete Mix 2

[ more information ]

Closeout stock of music machines
19 Oct, 2004

Amuseworld - Ez2Dj (1st / 2nd version) 10units
Konami - Keyboard Heaven (1st version) 4units
Konami - Guitar Freaks (1st version) 1units
Total : 15 unit machines

[ more information ]

WANT to buy!!
04 Oct, 2004

We want to buy dancing and music machines and it’s related product. Please contact us for your offer. Send us your product photo, advice your location, product quality, and selling price.

[ more information ]

New Product - EZ2DJ 6th Trax Upgrade Kit (Self Evolution)
18 Aug, 2004

Channel Beat will be launching the latest upgrade kit for EZ2DJ machines on the 25th of August for $1,295USD.

[ more information ]

Beatmania II DX 11th Mix Upgrade Kit
10 Aug, 2004

Pre-order today to upgrade your lower version Beatmania II DX into the latest version - 11th mix. There are two type of upgrade kit :

upgrade kit for BII DX 1st to 8th mix (include whole set pcb)
upgrade kit for BII DX 9th and 10th mix

Order deadline: August 12, 2004

[ more information ]

DDR 8th Mix Plus Kits - Now Shipping
14 Jul, 2004

Channel is please to announce a new upgrade for your Dance Dance Revolution machine. The main feature in this version is speed, players can speed up the action up to 20% faster.

[ more information ]

Guitar Freaks 11th mix + Drum Mania 10th mix
12 Jul, 2004

* $24,995usd (ex work Japan)
** price quoted for 1 set DM10th + 1 set GF11th
***Japanese & link version, reconditioned machines
**** both are latest version among Guitar Freak and Drum Mania
***** shipping time is 20 days on boat to Europe / America country

[ more information ]

Upgrade Any Pump it Up Machine to EXCEED
16 Jun, 2004

Channel Beat is please to bring you the universal upgrade kit. This official kit will upgrade any Pump it Up machine into the latest version: Pump it Up - Exceed for $1,795 USD.

[ more information ]

Sellout Stock Chicago
03 Jun, 2004

We are clearing out our stocks from the Chicago warehouse. Items range from empty cabinets to full machines.

[ more information ]

22 Mar, 2004

* 33" monitor
** brand new machine
*** latest version among PIU
**** unit price is only $6995usd.

[ more information ]

12 Feb, 2004

Drum Mania 10th Mix upgrade kit (to upgrade from Drum Mania 4 - 9)
Guitar Freaks 11th Mix upgrade kit (to upgrade from Guitar Freaks 4 - 10)

Order deadline: February 20, 2004

[ more information ]

Special offer for Lunar New Year 2004!
18 Jan, 2004

$6,495usd **** 1 x Dance Dance Revolution Extreme – 8th mix which come with MEMORY CARD slot, and include the shipping cost to your door entrance.

$2,495usd **** 1 x Keyboard Mania 2 mix + Beatmania Core Remix – English version and very good condition, price include shipping cost to your door entrance.

[ more information ]

Metal Dancing Platform for PS/PS2
22 Dec, 2003

Metal Dancing Platform for PS/PS2 with the cost-effected platform for PS/PS2 is avaiable.
More arcade feeling at your home!

More information,please visit Spare Parts section

[ more information ]

Konami upgrade kits
07 Dec, 2003

US$1,435 ** Drum Mania 6th mix upgrade kit
US$1,835 ** Drum Mania 7th mix upgrade kit
US$2,135 ** Drum Mania 8th mix upgrade  kit
US$2,735 ** Drum Mania 9th mix upgrade kit

US$1,135 ** Guitar Freaks 7th mix upgrade kit
US$1,535 ** Guitar Freaks 8th mix upgrade kit
US$2,135 ** Guitar Freaks 9th mix upgrade kit
US$2,635 ** Guitar Freaks 10th mix upgrade kit 

US$1,435 ** Percussion Freaks 6th mix upgrade kit  (English version)
US$1,835 ** Percussion Freaks 7th mix upgrade kit  (English version)
US$2,135 ** Percussion Freaks 8th mix upgrade kit  (English version)

[ more information ]

Beatmania II DX 10th Style Upgrade Kit
02 Dec, 2003

Beatmania II DX 9th Style to 10th Style Upgrade Kit
Beatmania II DX 2th or above to 10th Style Upgrade Kit

Order Deadline: December 10, 2003

[ more information ]

Dance Euromix 2 Available
01 Oct, 2003

Brand new Dance Euromix 2 machines will be available shortly on a preorder basis. These are the only brand new DDR machines in the world being produced.

[ more information ]

EZ 2 DJ Mini
25 Sep, 2003

EZ 2 DJ, the best sellable DJ machine in korea, have a newest version called "EZ 2 DJ Mini".

[ more information ]

EZ2 DJ 5th Trax Platinum Arriving Soon
25 Aug, 2003

Upgrade your EZ2 DJ machines with the latest software which offers new songs, internet ranking and Ruby Mix for beginnings. To order your pre-release stock please email us.

[ more information ]

Beatmania II DX 8th Style Upgrade Kits
15 Jul, 2003

We would like to offer original Beatmania II DX 8th style upgrade kits (can upgrade from version 1 through to 7) into 8th Style @$1995usd.

[ more information ]

LATEST!! - Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
14 Jun, 2003

Stock in USA - Immediate Shipment - Recondioned machine - $5,995.00usd including shipping cost to your door entrance (among USA city).

[ more information ]

Big Sale for Dance Dance Revolution SOLO
24 May, 2003

Buy ONE in $2,495.00usd
Buy TWO in $4,740.00usd (discount more than 5%)
Buy THREE in $6,885.00usd (discount more than 8%)
Buy FOUR in $8,980.00usd (discount more than 10%)

DDR Solo can be linked up to 4 players machine!!

[ more information ]

LATEST!! - Percussion Freak 8th Mix
05 May, 2003

Ex Work Hong Kong - English Version - Immediate Shipment - USD10,925.00/PC = PERCUSSION FREAK 8th MIX

[ more information ]

Drum Mania 8th Mix / Guitar Freaks 9th Mix Upgrade Kits Now in Stock
23 Apr, 2003

Just arrived, full factory original Guitar Freaks 9th Mix and Drum Mania 8th Mix upgrade kits now in stock.

[ more information ]

LATEST!! - Pump It Up The Premiere 3
22 Apr, 2003

Ex Work Korea - Brand New - English Version - Immediate Shipment - USD3,995.00/PC = PUMP IT UP THE PREMIERE 3

[ more information ]

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