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  Pop'N Music 3 Jap Ver
Price: $1895.00 USD
Quantity: Please Ask
Year Released: 2000
Song Versions: Japanese

    Japanese Songs     

Song Title Artist
A Love We Never Knew Julianne&edison 
Beachest Beach Sana Meets Togo Papa 
Boaboalady Jammaster'73 
Candy Blue óˆä—tŽq 
Cat's Scat Q-mex 
Dynamics Waldeus Von Dovjak 
Ending Theme ‘ºˆä¹–é 
First Selection Award Original Cedar 
Get On That Train Q-mex 
Girl From The Portrait1000 River Feat.masato Ishida 
Give Me Your Pain (winter Edition) Haya-p & Maru 
Go No Stopping Catapila 
La La La Edison 
La La La La Yo-del Dj Simon 
Let's Go Dancing Benji 
Let's Me Let's Go Ma-you 
Little Robin's Drawer Uncle Matchee 
Over Doing Game Original Cedar 
Penguin Nakatek 
Peppermint óˆäƒvƒƒwƒfƒnƒg(vo:m.fujino) 
Picnic Three Berry Icecleam 
Picnic (band Version) Three Berry Icecleam 
Practice Stage 
Que Vas A Hacer Travieso< 
Stream Waldeus Von Dovjak 
Take Me To... Sana 
Take Me To... (instrumental) 
Take Me To... (long Version) Sana 
The Claw & The Dragon Re Mongkoh 
Till The End Of Time Julianne&edison 
Un-balance ²“¡ç» 
Viva!2000 Marilia&kaorin< 
We Two Are One Lala Moore 
Welcome To Pop'n Stage Hiro&scotty D. 
White Day Dream `”’’‹–²` ”nêˆê‰Ã 
Ô‚¢ƒŠƒ“ƒs Lollipop Tonic Featuring K 
Ô‚¢ƒŠƒ“ƒs (long Version)Lollipop Tonic Feat. K 
…’†‰Æ‘°‚̃e[ƒ} ƒp[ƒlƒbƒc 
Œn‚ð•ø‚«‚µ‚ß‚½‚¢i ”÷”mškids 
ƒvƒƒƒoƒ_ide ƒwƒ‹ƒoi Chako 
ƒ~ƒ…[ƒwƒjƒ‹g‚t’š–Ú•¨Œêh‚æ‚èƒi[ƒ”ƒ@ƒ`ƒ…ƒa ƒiƒ„`ƒ“&his Orchestra 
ˆ¤‚ð’t‚»‚¤ Ma-you 
˜ahˆê‹n‘– Cathy Lau 
–‚–@‚Ì”àiƒxƒy[ƒxeƒ}ƒr‚̃e[ƒ}j A.s.a. 
—ö‚̃vƒƒƒŒ[ƒh ƒp[ƒlƒbƒc 
—ö‚̃vƒƒƒŒ[ƒh (long Version) ƒp[ƒlƒbƒc 
‚wŒŽ‚̃tƒˆƒiƒ‰ Apresmidi 
‚wŒŽ‚̃tƒˆƒiƒ‰ (instrumental) 
‚wŒŽ‚̃tƒˆƒiƒ‰ (long Version) Apresmidi 
‰f’ˆ‘dq-mex Q-mex 

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