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  Drum Mania 3rd Mix Eng Ver
 Drum Mania 3rd Mix Eng Ver 
Price: $4995.00 USD
Quantity: 1
Year Released: 2000
Song Versions: English

    English Songs     

Song Title Artist
1175 (long Version) 
Across The Nightmare Jimmy Weckl 
Ai No Shrushi Puffy 
Anarchy In The Uk Sec Pistols 
Bad Medicine Stephen Mcknight 
Bambina Takashi Urate 
Body Operation Motoaki Furkwawa 
Born To Be Wild Brad Holmes 
Break Out Thomas Howard Liechtenstein 
Call My Name Emiko Shioya 
Captain's Voyage Motoaki Furukawa 
Carnival Day Paula Terry & Fu Fu's 
Centaur Jimmy Wecki 
Classic Party Hideyuki Ono 
Classic Party 2 (extra Stage) Hideyuki Ono 
Cosmic Cowgirl Toshio Sakurai 
Cosmic Cowgirl (long Version) Toshio Sakurai 
Crunchy Nuts Atsuki 
Cutie Pie Toshio Sakurai 
Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little BoyStephen Mcknight 
Day Dream (encore Stage) Mutsuhiko Izumi 
Depends On Me Thomas Howard Liechtenstein 
Dm Powerful Mix Konami 
Double Orbit Mutsuhiko Izumi 
Dynamite Smap 
Eyes On Kids Thomas Howard Liechtenstein 
Fly High Bill Germain 
Furi Furi 60 Orange Lounge+ 
Glant Slug Aaron G 
Good Times Elizabeth Dobbs 
Heaven Is A 57 Metallic Gray Sweet Little 30's 
Helpless Taeko 
Hypnotica Naoki Media 
I Only Want To Be With You Bay City Rollers 
I Think About You Elizabeth Dobbs 
I'll Remember You Haruyuki Takano & New Big 4 
I'm Gonna Get You Kelly Cosmo 
Implantation Tomosuke 
Jet World Mutsuhiko Izmui 
Killer Queen Bill Germain 
Lair! Lair! B'z 
Look At Me Elizabeth Dobbs 
Loud! Mutsuhiko Izmui 
Love Affair Southern All-stars 
Midnight Special Love Machineguns 
Mondo Street Orange Lounge 
Mr. Machine Mutsuhiko Izmui 
Na-na-na Y.koezuka With Yah Yah's 
Newspaper Nut & Bridge 
Now I'm Sure Thomas Howard Liechtenstein 
On Our Way Tommy-t 
Onion Man Jimmy Weckl 
P.p.r Handsome Jet 
P.p.r (long Version) Handsome Jet Jr 
Primal Soul Mutsuhiko Izumi 
Primal Soul(long Version)Thomas Howard  
Right On Time Robbie Danzie 
River Crossin' Shige Kawagoe 
Road For Thunder Jimmy Weckl 
Sakura No Toki Junko Terashima 
Sea Anemones Jimmy Weckl 
Secret Of Your Heart Taeko 
Ska Ska No.1 Hideyuki Ono 
Spring Hysteric Blue 
Stop Spinning Me In CircleThomas Howard  
Sunday Day Sunday Sentimental Bus 
Sunny Side Street Yoshihiko Koezuka 
The Adventures Mutsuhiko Izmui 
Ultimate Power Vaccines 
Used Car Toshio Sakurai 
Virtual Insanity Jamiroquai 
Wanna Be A Boy Dennis Gunn 
Waza Jimmy Weckl 
When I Dream Of You Thomas Howard Liechtenstein  
You Elevate Me Voo Doo 
You Oughta Know Angel O'brien 

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