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Manufacturer:   IGS
Different Versions:   10

ROCK FEVER series can be found far and wide around the Asian areas and gathered a large group of loyal fans since IGS announced its first type of music game.

How to Play:
Press the relevant push buttons when the cursors drop down to the base line on the bottom of the screen.

   Machines For Sale     

Rock Fever ROCK FEVER  
The first music machine release by IGS which has 4 modes: Easy(3 songs), Normaly(4 songs), Hard(5 songs) and Expert(5 songs).
Please Ask

Rock Fever 2 ROCK FEVER 2  
The second version of Rock Fever.
Please Ask

Rock Fever 3 ROCK FEVER 3  
More than 20 brand new songs were added. It has 5 modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, Nonstop and Survival.
Please Ask

Rock Fever 3 Plus ROCK FEVER 3 PLUS  
Rock Fever 3.5 version, added 10 new songs. All songs appliable with SP、 PRO FEVER、 PRO、FEVER.
Please Ask

Rock Fever 3.5 MAX ROCK FEVER 3.5 MAX  
This newest Rock Fever Dj machine is coming with more than 80 songs, which more than 10 are brand new.
$3777.19 USD

Rock Fever 4 ROCK FEVER 4  
Rock Fever 4 collected more than 60 songs.
Please Ask

Rock Fever 4 Remix ROCK FEVER 4 REMIX  
The best sense of speed one in the Rock Fever series, includes more than 80 songs in all.
Please Ask

Rock Fever 5 ROCK FEVER 5  
The 5th edition of Rock Fever series, features more than 50 brand new songs.
$5199.10 USD

Rock Fever EX, the sequel to Rock Fever.
Please Ask

Rock Fever EX Solo will be launched shotly.
Please Ask

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